Trading made simple

X-Shot is a lightening fast Telegram based cryptocurrency trading bot. Be first to market with this easy to use tool brought to you by X-Project.

X-Shot operates five times faster than platforms like Uni Swap/Inch and offers unparalleled features:

  • Lightning-fast execution: Experience transactions executed at lightning speed, outpacing traditional platforms.

  • Limit orders: Say good bye to missed opportunities. Set predefined limit orders to ensure timely trades.

  • Limit buy-sell orders: Customize trades based on your strategy to maximise gains and minimise losses.

  • Copy trading: Unlock passive income potential. Copy trades from selected wallets to amplify profits even in your sleep.

  • Multi wallet support: Streamline complex strategies. Manage multiple wallets simultaneously for effortless trading executions.

  • Sniper tools: Capitalise on influencers insights. Configure the Bot with your preferred influencer group to automatically buy coins based on your own parameters.

  • Best traders showcase: Gain Insights into successful trading strategies. Observe and emulate top-performing traders.

Premium Features

  • Limit Stop Loss: Precisely protect your investments by setting stop-loss limits

  • MEV Sandwich Protection: Safeguard against market volatility with a 90% reduction in the risk of falling prey to a MEV sandwich attack.

  • Exclusive Premium Features: Elevate your trading game with premium tools, exclusively accessible to X-Token holders.

X-SHOT Revenue Sharing

75% of X-Shot fees are allocated to purchasing X-Tokens, enhancing our staking vault for single asset staking. Explore these staking pools within our Defi sector for consistent rewards.


X-Tools, the brainchild of Xceptional Genesis, reshapes your crypto experience by seamlessly integrating cutting-edge functionality with a user-centric design. from real-time insights and rapid transactions to a simplified token trading experience. X-Tools embodies Xceptional Genesis's commitment to equipping you for your crypto success.

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