Connecting Web 3.0 enterprises and service providers

X-Market is a pivotal utility developed by X-Project, introduces a semi-decentralized marketplace that serves as a dynamic hub, connecting web 3.0 businesses and service providers. With its robust review system, X-Market empowers users to assess service providers based on essential metrics, thereby nurturing trust and promoting collaboration.

The cornerstone of X-market is the review system, allowing users to assess services provided based on:

Time | Work quality | Customer satisfaction and review | Past projects

Working Model Service Providers

Each Service provider is awarded badges according to their performance scores:


1-2 points


2-4 points


4-6 points


6-8 points


8-10 points

Working model service providers

Accessing client contact information details requires 50 credits, with each credit valued at $3 and available for direct purchase using X-Tokens. For subscription-based service providers, contact details can be obtained by paying half the credit cost.

Subscription packages

Subscription packages offer various benefits:

  • $150 Subscription Fee

  • 10 ads at half price

  • Saving $600

These subscription packages are available for a duration of three months. Upon their expiration, users have the option to acquire another subscription package, as outlined in the terms and conditions.

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