Be first to market with exclusively called tokens

X-Caller is an exclusive Telegram based caller bot and chat channel available to holders who have a minimum of 0.05% of the total supply of $XERS-Tokens (approx 500,000 tokens).

  • Wallet tracking: Choose whale or Alpha wallets and receive real time transactions alerts directly on Telegram

  • Anti rug scanner: Swiftly scan contracts for safety. Assesses key factors like LP lock status, token renouncement's, distribution by holders, contract verification status and Buy/Sell taxes.

  • Social media tracker: Finds social media accounts associated with a project with just smart contracts.

  • X-Shot integration: Seamless transition from analysis to action. When you identify a promising project, X-Shot sniper BOT is at your disposal for swift execution.

  • Auto-buy: Unleash the power of auto trading, set up X-Shot to auto buy X-callers calls automatically.

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