Monetizing social media engagement

X-Pico is an innovative utility developed by X-Project, seeks to redefine the landscape of social media monetization and engagement. It provides a platform that fosters genuine interactions among community members, establishing a symbiotic ecosystem that delivers benefits to all participants.

Merchants and community collaboration

X-Pico serves as the vital link connecting YouTubers, TikTokers, and influencers with community members who are looking to earn modest incomes by completing straightforward tasks. This ground-breaking platform acts as a catalyst, igniting mutually advantageous interactions.

Merchant packages

Merchants have the flexibility to choose from a variety of packages carefully crafted to elevate their online visibility:

Tasks can be systematically released in increments, with a minimum batch of 500 tasks assigned to 500 different members. This strategy effectively enhances organic views, impressions, and monetization earnings across various platforms, including YouTube, X (Twitter), TikTok, and more. The outcome is a notable surge in follower growth.

Community Members Participation

Community members, referred to as "members," play a vital role within the X-Pico ecosystem. To gain membership status, individuals are required to acquire a subscription.

Subscription plan

  • Purchase $100 worth of $X tokens

  • Complete 15 tasks per day

  • Monthly income $90 (Estimated value)

  • Each task is worth $0.2 paid in X Tokens

Following task release, members have the option to secure tasks by simply clicking the "receive" button. As soon as all the tasks have been claimed, they are no longer accessible to other members, thereby fostering an environment of equal opportunity and fair task distribution.

Members' rewards are contingent upon the successful completion of tasks, a metric influenced by the current X-Token value. While the exact reward amount may vary at the time of withdrawal, it's essential to note that a higher volume of completed tasks correlates with an increased potential for more substantial rewards.

Referral system

Members can take advantage of a three-tiered referral system, enabling them to earn a portion of subscription fees from the referrals they bring in.

5% Of Subscription Fee

Revenue Sharing

An innovative revenue-sharing model incorporates fees into a Liquidity Pool (LP), progressively boosting the LP's size and subsequently generating supplementary fees. Furthermore, an additional 50% of subscription fees is directed towards an LP reward pool, from which staked LP holders can enjoy their well-deserved rewards.

Community Members Participation

Subscription fees are distributed as follows:

Staking Rewards

50% to the staking reward pool for the community

Referral Rewards

8% returned to the community as referral rewards.

Marketing Initiatives

12% allocated to marketing initiatives.

Development & Project Costs

15% directed towards development and project costs.

Promotions & Bonuses

15% reserved for community promotions and bonuses.

In conclusion, X-Pico introduces a pioneering approach to enhance organic social media engagement and monetization, bringing substantial advantages to both merchants and community members. Through its meticulously designed subscription model, multi-tiered referral system, and cutting-edge revenue-sharing mechanisms, X-Pico stands at the forefront of redefining the landscape of crypto-based social interactions.

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